Palatine Maker Faire 5/21/2016

Thank you for visiting me at the Palatine Maker Faire!  I have collected links and descriptions for many of the things that I talked about or used in my presentation.

Zip-line Drop
This is a fun activity that can be done in teams and tied into the Mars Curiosity Landing.

You can use this activity in class to allow students a hands-on opportunity to design their own targeted landing.
PBS Design Squad- On Target

Paper Structures
This is another easy activity that can be done for little cost in the classroom. It uses team building and design challenges to teach the importance of banding or triangles in building depending on the requirements you set out.
PBS  Design Squad – Paper Tables

Marshmallow Challenge
This is a 1-2 day activity that can be used in many different ways.  It can teach prototyping and building skills as students work together to build the tallest tower.  I like to add a layer of experimentation to the activity by only showing examples to half the groups.  Usually, the groups without examples will build taller towers than those with examples.  I like to talk about how having a preconceived notion can affect the creativity of the team building a tower.
Marshmallow Challenge

Altoids Tins
This activity has the potential to go in unusual directions but it is great to see what the kids can come up with.  Using an empty Altoids tin and a wide range of other objects you are only limited by your imagination.
Altoids Challenge

There are many other activities you can do that use found materials or upcycled parts.  I am always scavenging parts from a wide range places.  When my school was  about to destroy a pallet of old PCs I asked to have them and started a computer building unit with the old PCs.  The materials were free and the students did not have to worry about breaking parts since they were already dead.

Here are some other links you may find useful:
Cheap bulk electronics
Science project ideas
A great resource for electronics and learning
Android App Builder (in browser)
Intro to Cardboard
Adding questioning to videos
More Design Challenge Lessons
A good resource for making multi-media lessons.




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